Strengthening : Vanilla Sandalwood Shampoo Bar


Same great formula with a new look! Our Conditioners bars are now massage bars they will differ than pictured.

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What it is: Strengthening : Vanilla Sandalwood Shampoo Bar

What it does: Our Sandalwood Vanilla blends the slightly spicy notes of sandalwood into a rich natural vanilla base for a comforting, warm scent – ideal for men or women. They are gentle. Shampoo bars do not contain harsh surfactants like sulfates and chemicals like parabens. Contains blended Sandalwood essential oil, which is known to have benefits for strengthening the scalp and promotes hair growth.

How to use it: Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair Massage into your hair and scalp. When you’re happily lathered and massaged, rinse clean. Keep your shampoo bar away from water and enjoy your marvelous mane.

Ingredients: Coco butter, Shea butter, Olive oil, Sustainable palm oil, Lye, Sandalwood essential oil, Distilled Aqua




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