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Our mind creates powerful connections between scent and our emotions, surroundings and memories. Diffusing essential oils is a simple but effective way to access those connections. It can also help build new and positive memories and experiences.Helps clear airways for easier breathing. Helps you to relax. Promotes feelings of calm. Improves clarity and focus.
Timed operation 1 hour, 2 hours or continuous for 6 hours. Mist option high or low.

2 reviews for Mist Diffuser

  1. Mel Addison

    This is a powerful diffuser, it shuts it self off after all the water is gone. It has a light you can choose to leave it on or off while diffusing.

  2. Tink Velasco

    I’ve had this powerful diffuser a little over 6 months now. I use almost daily, mostly at night with the lavender essential Oil. Helps me get comfortable and drift to sleep.

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