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What it does: Helps cleanse scalp and hair increases blood circulation and stimulating of the scalp, which helps improve hair growth.

How to use it: Apply it directly to your scalp. Leave it in for at least five minutes before washing it out and condition it with our Organic as you normally would. You can do this several times per week.

Key Ingredients: Shea butter, fused with essential oil, organic aloe, organic argan essential oils, jojoba oil, vitamin E. Follow with Skinsational Scents.


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4 reviews for Skinsational Scents Organic Shampoo

  1. Pamela Christy

    I am so excited by the products I’ve purchased from Skinsational Scents, I want to share with everyone. If you haven’t been to their store, you really should treat yourself to meeting 2 of the nicest people and their amazing products. I am 70 years old and having the best hair day of my life after using Revitalizing Shampoo Organic Lavender Rosemary. It literally turned straw into silk. I also love the Moringa Facial and Body Cream – it has reduced the wrinkles and dark circles about my eyes. This is a truly soothing and effective line of products.

  2. Monel Century

    This is the BEST organic shampoo that I have found thus far. It does not strip my hair color and is very gentle to my hair. Thank you guys, you are the BEST !

  3. Carine Chokote

    First and foremost, the fact that this shampoo is organic is a game-changer. I can finally wash away the worries of harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients weighing me down! The ingredients list reads like a menu of nature’s finest offerings – packed with organic peppermint, organic aloe, organic argan essential oils, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil. Every wash feels like a revitalizing treat for my hair!

    But hold on, it’s not just about what it doesn’t have – it’s about what it does! The results speak for themselves. From the very first use, my hair felt incredibly soft, smooth, and noticeably healthier. It’s quite remarkable how this shampoo promotes both strength and shine simultaneously. I no longer have to worry about sacrificing one for the other!

    My hair has never felt so vibrant, alive, and bouncy! It’s the kind of shampoo that transforms your shower routine into a self-care ritual that you eagerly look forward to. I can’t recommend Organic Hemp Peppermint Shampoo enough – it’s a true game-changer in the world of organic hair care.

  4. Mary Alice

    A nice shampoo that has everything nice. No harsh chemicals sulfates. It leaves my hair soft after shampooing. I also use it on my kiddos hair too. The smell is pleasant if you like Rosemary and Lavender essential oil. Its worth giving it a try. I like enough to keep using it.

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