Skin Nourishing Moringa Oil (Anti-Aging)

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What it is: Organic Skin Nourishing Moringa Oil

What it does: It contains oleic acid & helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles and prevents sagging of facial muscles. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a barrier to help seal in moisture on the skin. Ideal for sensitive, dry, acne-prone, normal and oily skin.

How to use it: Smooth 2-4 drops on your face in the morning and evening to nourish skin. Apply to minor scrapes, wounds, and irritation to speed the healing process. Put on blemishes when you break out to banish acne. Massage onto scalp for a healthy, moisturized head of hair.

*Organic Ingredients: Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Behenic Acid and Stearic Acid

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5 reviews for Skin Nourishing Moringa Oil (Anti-Aging)

  1. Chrissy W

    Awesome product! I I have ben hooked since Jada Pinkett tweeted this product. But, yours is cheaper than everybody else. Thank you.

  2. Desirée M

    This Moringa Oil is soo good to me ! Thank you for introducing it to me.

  3. Kendra T

    I thank you for sharing this glowing oil, I am now getting so many compliments ! I used to have these dark circles around my eyes, they are now history.

  4. Karen P

    This is again another wonderful product for those who are seeking that glow. Thank you for been so affordable.

  5. Mohamed M.

    My family and I love this product! It helps reduce face dryness and leads to buttery soft skin.

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