Mineral Mud & Clay Mask Sampler


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Online purchases only. Store pick up available. Sample before you buy. This sampler pack includes:

Two 2 oz jars of:

1 Dead Sea Mineral Mud.

1 Lime & Lavender Clay Mask

Dead Sea Mineral Mud may cleanse and draw out impurities from the skin, tightens & tones the complexion, giving it a refreshed look. Lime & Lavender Clay Mask is specially formulated with Rhassoul and Multani Mitti clays that can help lift impurities and revitalize dull skin. This mask is also enhanced with evening primrose and carrot oils, reputed to nourish the skin and fight the effects of UV rays on the skin.

Key Ingredients: Rhassoul Clay, Multani Mitti, Evening Primrose Oil, Dead Sea Mud,  Bamboo Charcoal Powder,  Shea Butter

 Clay Mask Cleanser

What is so unique about clay masks? These potent facial treatments have been used for centuries to draw out impurities, refine pores, and leave skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. But with so much conflicting information out there, one question remains: clay mask before or after cleanser? And is there such a thing as a clay mask cleanser? Fear not, skincare enthusiasts! Skinsational Scents is here to clear the clay and unveil the truth behind these beauty rituals.

The Power of Clay Masks

Clay masks harness the natural absorbent properties of various clays – like Rhassoul and Multani Mitti found in our Lime & Lavender Clay Mask – to draw out dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin’s surface. This can be incredibly beneficial for:

  • Oily Skin: Clay masks can help to control excess oil production, leaving skin feeling less greasy and promoting a balanced complexion.
  • Clogged Pores: By drawing out impurities, clay masks can help to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and prevent future breakouts.
  • Dull Skin: Clay masks can help to remove dead skin cells, revealing brighter, smoother skin with a healthy glow.

The Clay Mask Cleanser

So, when it comes to clay mask before or after cleanser, the answer depends on your skin type and the specific clay mask you’re using:

  • For Oily Skin: It can be beneficial to cleanse first to remove surface oil and makeup. This allows the clay mask to penetrate deeper and absorb impurities more effectively.
  • For Dry or Sensitive Skin: Cleanse after applying the clay mask. Leaving a clay mask on dry skin for too long can be dehydrating. By cleansing afterward, you remove the clay and any absorbed impurities without stripping away natural moisture.

Unlocking the Secrets of Clay Masks with Skinsational Scents

At Skinsational Scents, we offer a variety of clay masks to cater to your specific skin concerns. Our Mineral Mud & Clay Mask Sampler allows you to experiment with two of our popular options:

  • Dead Sea Mineral Mud: This potent mask may cleanse and draw out impurities, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and toned.
  • Lime & Lavender Clay Mask: Specially formulated with Rhassoul and Multani Mitti clays, this mask helps lift impurities and revitalize dull skin. It also contains nourishing evening primrose oil to combat the effects of UV rays.

Clay Mask Magic: The Takeaway

The power of clay masks lies in their ability to draw out impurities and promote a healthy, balanced complexion. Understanding whether to cleanse before or after applying a clay mask depends on your skin type. By following these simple guidelines and exploring the diverse options at Skinsational Scents, you can unlock the magic of clay masks and experience a radiant, revitalized visage.


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