4 Reasons Why You Need To Go Paraben-free In Your Skincare

paraben free body wash

4 Reasons to Choose Paraben Free Skin Care Products

Choosing the right products plays an enormous role in our skin’s health. Paraben free products can help keep our skin at its healthiest. Consider these reasons:

Paraben Free Products

How would you react to a TV commercial encouraging you to cleanse your face with chemicals and preservatives every day in the name of beauty? Probably not so well. The truth is that many of our favorite creams, shampoos, and cleansers likely contain parabens – chemical preservatives intended to protect the product from growing mold and bacteria.

Parabens are very common, but recent research has indicated that they may act as a xenoestrogen in the body. This simply means they imitate estrogen, which has been associated in some studies to contribute to hormonal imbalance and the growth of cancer cells. They have also been linked to a number of other unwanted side effects, such as brittle hair and advanced aging. Want to know what to do about it?

Paraben-free – Should you care?

Are you wondering if you must either give up your beauty routine or run the risk of illness? No! There are an ever-growing number of paraben free products at skinsationalscents.com that will keep you looking spectacular while protecting your body. Skinsational Scents paraben free body wash offer a myriad of benefits for both you and the planet. They carry the best all-natural body wash and can customized to your liking. Our body wash is customized to be used for daily wash. Let’s consider the top 4 benefits you can enjoy when switching to paraben free products:

Youthful Skin

The same creams sold in stores for their “anti-aging” properties may contain a type of paraben that makes one look older! Called methylparaben, this deceptive ingredient may cause a reduction in collagen, a protein that makes up a good portion of our connective tissue. Collagen offers benefits ranging from the appearance of youthful skin to easing joint pain.

Avoiding Allergies

Since the 60’s, allergic contact dermatitis has been an issue related to the use of parabens in personal products. Symptoms include excessive itching and red, blotchy patches or raised bumps on the skin.

Healthier Body

Some say the data is not conclusive that parabens cause cancer. That being said, 99% of women with breast cancer sampled in a study had paraben in their tissues. Men are at risk, too, since paraben use has been linked to both cancer and lower than normal sperm counts in men. Introducing numerous preservatives into our skin each day surely cannot be beneficial.

Lustrous Hair

At some point, you have probably pulled a bottle of your “backup” shampoo that had been seating for some time from under the bathroom sink when your favorite brand ran out. It probably remained free of mold because of parabens. Is the ability to keep beauty products for unusually long periods of time worth the risk, though? Just as with your skin, paraben free products are better for your hair. Parabens can cause scalp irritations, and studies have revealed that the use of parabens in shampoos and other beauty products result in blood and urine samples containing the preservatives after use.

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